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PMF had a great honor to participate in the International Conference in Dubai

PMF had a great honor to participate in the International Conference in Dubai regarding The Electric Transition in the United Arab Emirates.

We wanted to offer special thanks to our partner Tenax International for the outstanding organisation and a warm welcome to our representatives.

We were glad to share our expertise regarding the waste management, preservation of the cities and the innovations in the green public procurement. The event was organised in the partnership with EXPO 2020 Dubai UAE, therefore we would like to express our gratitude also to the board for their patronage and the opportunity to discover new technologies and development solutions.

Together we can change the world!

PMF and The Waste Transformers together for anaerobic compact plants

PMF and The Waste Transformers, the Dutch manufacturer of compact plants for anaerobic composting of organic waste, will start a collaboration for the introduction and diffusion of organic waste small-size containerized plants using anaerobic treatment technology in Italy.

Using anaerobic digestion technology, a completely natural and sustainable process, the organic waste produced by household and commercial facilities can be turned in valuable material, such as natural fertilizer and, more importantly, biogas and biomethane, to be used for power production or fuel for vehicles and trucks.

The Waste Transformers containerized equipment fits a fully operation anaerobic plant into the size of a container, so that it can be located on-site right near waste producers. Waste disposal is then at zero-km, with no need for heavy trucks collection and transportation. Moreover, the plant generates enough energy for its functioning and supply power in excess to the surrounding community or to the grid.

PMF sees anaerobic digestion compact technology as an excellent solution chiefly for commercial malls, food courts, catering industry, vegetable markets, hospitals, universities, airports, household developments and anywhere organic or kitchen waste is daily produced in large quantities. Furthermore, communities in mountaineering areas or far from the cities, where is difficult to ensure a proper daily waste removal service, may greatly benefit from having their waste disposed on-site and, moreover, enjoying fuel and power production.

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“Concessionaire’s Performance Assessment in PPPs” is now online

The article “Concessionaire’s Performance Assessment in Public-Private Partnerships”, written by Alberto Germani and Karl Zeller, published by Lexxion on its magazine European Procurement and PPP Law Review (EPPPL) n. 2 of July 2021, is now online on PMF website (

It describes authors’ experience with Public-Private Partnerships promoted by the Italian Autonomous Province of Bolzano/South Tyrol, which has been dealing with PPP operations for several years in various sectors (i.e. healthcare, caring homes, education, public offices).

Authors analyze various aspects of PPPs and, particularly, the performance control system and related sanctions (referred as Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) to monitor Concessionaire’s performance during contract execution, which are subject of careful evaluation by the Administrations, both at provincial and municipal level.

Article illustrates the fundamental aspects of PPP and KPIs. In particular, in the text is carried out a thorough analysis of performance control and sanction regime in the European legislative framework (Eurostat position), with an in-depth analysis of the monitored services and criteria adopted for calculation of sanctions with the relative application methods.

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Marcus Evans Live+ Online Course on PPP and Project Finance, starting from next July 26th

Alberto Germani and Monika Kandut will discuss with attendees how to set-up and successfully deliver Public-Private Partnerships in every sector of public infra and services.

PMF and Incico together for large Photo- and Agrivoltaic engineering

PMF, specialist in financing and environmental support services (feasibility, EIAs, permitting) and Incico, international leading company in renewable energy design and engineering, are jointly committed to providing to their Clients a full scale of technical support services for the development of large photovoltaic projects in Italy.

Incico and PMF are working particularly on Agricultural Photovoltaic (AGRI-PV) projects roll-out, where the achievement of both sustainable agriculture and clean energy transition is fulfilled. AGRI-PV, besides being an ideal suitable arrangement for Italy, is a measure specifically envisaged by the Italian Recovery Plan, that sets out a goal of at least 1 GW per year of power production arising from Agrivoltaic plants.

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EPPPL intensive Online Course on European Public Procurement is scheduled on next 26th to 28th July

EPPPL intensive Online Course on European Public Procurement is scheduled on next 26th to 28th July, chaired by Prof. Christopher Bovis. In the PPP dedicated session Alberto Germani and Monika Kandut of PMF will be discussing how to build cost-effective and viable Partnerships, sharing with audience practical tips on feasibility and deliverability of PPP operations.

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What a real pleasure getting back to classroom before a real audience!

Warm thanks to the hosts for having me this morning lecturing on PPP and Sporting Facilities at the 2nd grade Master on Sports Infrastructure Design, jointly organized by University of Rome La Sapienza – Department of Architecture and Sport e Salute – Scuola dello Sport.

Special thank goes to Master Director Prof. Arch Maurizio Petrangeli and his outstanding group of graduated students.

PMF advises KSA Red Sea Project on Waste Management Engineering

Technical consultancy group formed by Sergent & Landry, the giant US power engineering company, together with PMF and UAE-based Sustainable Water Power Consultants (SPWC), has been awarded by ACWA Power the role of Owner Engineers for utilities’ infrastructures of Red Sea Project, the luxury tourism development on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.

The group will provide ACWA Power with required engineering services during design and construction, comprehensive of technical coordination, supervision, review and approval for a wide range of utility infrastructures, ranging from power generation (mostly relying on renewables) to water desalination, wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

PMF will be entrusted with design review and technical consultancy of the whole waste management cycle, from collection system to refuse disposal, recycling techniques and required plants construction to ensure zero-waste goal and carbon-neutral environment.

Red Sea Project, located along KSA shores, aims at being one of the most advanced and attractive tourist facilities in the Gulf area. made initially by 3,000 hotel rooms (to be extended up to 8,000), 7,500 m2 of retail, F&B and cultural buildings, a full-scale water park and other amenities, immersed in a pristine coastline of unparalleled environmental value. Project’s construction is set to commence on next 2022 and last until 2030, when Phase 2 will be fully completed. Visitors are expected to raise from 300.000/year initially to 1 million/year when the development will be fully operational.

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PMF designs KPIs for Merano Healthcare Center PPP

On December 30, 2020, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (South Tirol/Alto Adige, Italy) approved the proposal of the company VEBA Invest of Bolzano, initiative’s sponsor, for construction and management in Public – Private Partnership (PPP) of Long-Term Care Center called “Cura Resort”, healthcare facility annexed to Merano Hospital. The new health infrastructure will make available 100 beds in long-term care and rehabilitation, as well as a large underground parking of 700 lots for the benefit of both the structure and the Hospital. Investment value (CAPEX) is foreseen around EUR 50 million, whereas concession’s duration will be 28 years.

PMF was commissioned by VEBA Invest to design Cura Resort’s Performance Control System during construction and operation, as well as to draw up a complete set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

KPIs system defines the minimum quality standards according to which contractual services of a PPP should be provided, in compliance to rules set out by Eurostat and EPEC aimed to ensure a satisfactory transfer of risk to concessionaires even in public availability-based operations. Even in case of concessions’ repayment fully assured by Public Entity’s regular payments, concessionaire’s performance should be accurately assessed and penalties in case of operator’s underperformance should be levied. Since the publication of Eurostat’s 2016 guidelines, the presence of KPIs as part of concession’s contractual documentation has been a fundamental and indispensable requirement in any PPP operation.

With this transaction, PMF strengthens its position as VEBA Invest preferred advisor for performance control systems and KPIs in their PPP initiatives.

To date, PPP projects prepared by VEBA Invest with PMF support exceed 100 million Euros of capital investments.

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PMF supports AMKA Onlus

On the occasion of year 2020 Season Festivities, PMF has chosen to support AMKA Onlus humanitarian initiatives, transforming this extraordinary occasion in an act of solidarity, making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the world.

We are committed to telling a story of brotherhood that grows in Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of Congo by transforming our vision into concrete project activities aimed at supporting local communities in those Countries.

PMF wholeheartedly supports all the actions that AMKA is putting in place to sustain communities of Petén, Guatemala, and Mabaya, Congo, hard hit by the direct and indirect effects from Covid-19 pandemic.

PMF company policy is based upon Corporate Social Responsibility, able to reconcile economic objectives with social and environmental goals, in a view of global sustainable and affordable growth.