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PMF: The Waste Management Experts

We are pleased to announce that PMF was awarded the Top Waste Management Solution Company in Europe for year 2021!

We are grateful to the Utilities Tech Magazine for recognising our hard work in striving to provide the highest level of service to our clients. We feel exceptionally esteemed, because Utilities Tech Magazine is a well-known editor that follows the latest trends, challenges and technologies in the waste management sector. We are honoured to be recognised together with Veolia, Suez, Wehrle- Werk, and other big players of the sector.

We will continue to operate with the same passion and commitment, always having our client’s interest in the fore!

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PMF and The Waste Transformers together for anaerobic compact plants

PMF and The Waste Transformers, the Dutch manufacturer of compact plants for anaerobic composting of organic waste, will start a collaboration for the introduction and diffusion of organic waste small-size containerized plants using anaerobic treatment technology in Italy.

Using anaerobic digestion technology, a completely natural and sustainable process, the organic waste produced by household and commercial facilities can be turned in valuable material, such as natural fertilizer and, more importantly, biogas and biomethane, to be used for power production or fuel for vehicles and trucks.

The Waste Transformers containerized equipment fits a fully operation anaerobic plant into the size of a container, so that it can be located on-site right near waste producers. Waste disposal is then at zero-km, with no need for heavy trucks collection and transportation. Moreover, the plant generates enough energy for its functioning and supply power in excess to the surrounding community or to the grid.

PMF sees anaerobic digestion compact technology as an excellent solution chiefly for commercial malls, food courts, catering industry, vegetable markets, hospitals, universities, airports, household developments and anywhere organic or kitchen waste is daily produced in large quantities. Furthermore, communities in mountaineering areas or far from the cities, where is difficult to ensure a proper daily waste removal service, may greatly benefit from having their waste disposed on-site and, moreover, enjoying fuel and power production.

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PMF advises KSA Red Sea Project on Waste Management Engineering

Technical consultancy group formed by Sergent & Landry, the giant US power engineering company, together with PMF and UAE-based Sustainable Water Power Consultants (SPWC), has been awarded by ACWA Power the role of Owner Engineers for utilities’ infrastructures of Red Sea Project, the luxury tourism development on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia.

The group will provide ACWA Power with required engineering services during design and construction, comprehensive of technical coordination, supervision, review and approval for a wide range of utility infrastructures, ranging from power generation (mostly relying on renewables) to water desalination, wastewater treatment and solid waste management.

PMF will be entrusted with design review and technical consultancy of the whole waste management cycle, from collection system to refuse disposal, recycling techniques and required plants construction to ensure zero-waste goal and carbon-neutral environment.

Red Sea Project, located along KSA shores, aims at being one of the most advanced and attractive tourist facilities in the Gulf area. made initially by 3,000 hotel rooms (to be extended up to 8,000), 7,500 m2 of retail, F&B and cultural buildings, a full-scale water park and other amenities, immersed in a pristine coastline of unparalleled environmental value. Project’s construction is set to commence on next 2022 and last until 2030, when Phase 2 will be fully completed. Visitors are expected to raise from 300.000/year initially to 1 million/year when the development will be fully operational.

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PMF consolidates in PPP Performance measurement and KPI setting

After entrusting PMF with Performance measurement and penalty system design of first PPP in Custodial Services sector in Italy, the Italian Autonomous Province of Bolzano (PAB), through his participated company Südtiroler Informatik AG, has assigned our Company with the task of designing Performance measurement system and setting KPIs of another landmark PPP project.

The initiative, named Service Center Plus and Smart Working, consists of supply and operation of an IT innovative and integrated communication platform, providing optimized IT services to Province of Bolzano’s public institutions and enabling users to access smart- and remote-working.
Overall contract value, inclusive of investment and operations, is worth EUR 130 mil, whereas concession duration is set on 16 years.

The project is regarded by PAB as of the highest priority, given the urgency imposed by the current pandemic of allowing an increased number of employees to work remotely logged on software access.

With this new commitment from a highly qualified Public Entity, PMF strengthens his position as leading Company in Performance measurement system and KPI designing for Public-Private Partnerships initiatives.

Rome public beaches cleanup kicks-off in view of summer season 2020

In view of beach summer season 2020, set to officially open from next June 1st, Fiumicino Municipality started today cleaning and maintenance works of its 22 public breaches and 6 natural reserve areas, for a total of more than 400.000 m2 of sandy pristine coastal area.
This year kick-off works are particularly important due to the Covid-19 contingency that Fiumicino, as any tourist destination, has to cope with.
Reopening public beaches without delay is a strong signal given to citizens, tourists and beach operators that summer season, in spite of disruption caused by the current emergency, will be conducted at its best, drawing millions of people on Municipality shores in full respect of safety rules issued at national and regional level.

Beside ensuring compliance to rules enforced ad-hoc for the current pandemic, cleanup works will be carried out with usual care and respect to the environmental issues, in accordance to direction received from LIPU (Italian Bird Safeguard Association) and other Environmental Associations.
PMF as in-charge Execution Director together with Fiumicino Municipality Environment Office was present at the start of the works which, as per the schedule, will continue uninterruptedly until 26 May p.v.

Taranto boosts its waste recycling rate from 18% to above 65% in just less than two months

In times where keeping cities clean is of strategic relevance, Taranto sets a good example of what can be achieved putting together a meaningful strategy, strong citizenship commitment and operators’ efficiency. PMF together with Taranto Municipality and AMIU, jointly engaged to accomplish this goal.

PMF designs urban waste management masterplan for Taranto

Taranto Municipality has awarded PMF the new urban waste management planning for the city.

Taranto, with a population of more than 200,000 residents, is one of the most challenging cities in southern Italy due to its complexity and mix between residential and industrial areas. Besides hosting an important commercial and military port, Taranto is the seat of ILVA factory, the largest European steel and iron foundry.

PMF will design the complete overhaul of household and commercial solid waste collection, treatment and disposal, giving large emphasis to refuse recycling through proper segregation at source and efficient downstream recycling.

Door-to-door system full implementation over the whole territory, combined with cutting-edge technology collection systems (ECP – Engineered Collection points) strategically located in the city will be the key answers to address the issues posed by the city.

PMF picked for Rome beaches waste management engineering services

Municipality of Fiumicino near Rome has named PMF Contract Director for maintenance and waste management services of public marine areas stretching along 22 Kms of coastal area and including some of the most popular beaches among Roman sunbathers.

Most of sites being supervised by PMF are also classified as protected natural reserves, and, as such, special cleaning strategies had to be devised in order to preserve their unique environment.

This is the second beach maintenance engineering contract in a row to be awarded to PMF this year, after 15 km of exclusive shoreline to be looked after in Salento, in the southernmost Italian Adriatic coast.

Region of Lazio (Italy) approves 16 PMF projects in the environmental sector

The Italian administrative body of Lazio Region, housing the City of Rome, has approved 16 projects submitted by PMF on behalf of various Municipalities of Lazio, relative to the construction of community aerobic composting plants and Municipal collection facilities for sorted recyclables (Eco-centres), both opened to public for self-use.

Total amount financed by the Region on PMF projects accounts for more than 3.5 million euros.

Tender for awarding urban waste collection service has been officially released by Santa Marinella Municipality (Italy)

Tender for the awarding of 30 USD million, 7-year waste collection service contract at Santa Marinella (Rome, Italy) has been officially published by the Municipality. Offers are expected to come from leading waste management companies nationwide and internationally.

PMF has taken care of drafting the project and preparing tender technical and legal documentation.

PMF will advise the Municipality of Santa Marinella throughout tender process until awarding.