PMF and The Waste Transformers together for anaerobic compact plants

PMF and The Waste Transformers, the Dutch manufacturer of compact plants for anaerobic composting of organic waste, will start a collaboration for the introduction and diffusion of organic waste small-size containerized plants using anaerobic treatment technology in Italy.

Using anaerobic digestion technology, a completely natural and sustainable process, the organic waste produced by household and commercial facilities can be turned in valuable material, such as natural fertilizer and, more importantly, biogas and biomethane, to be used for power production or fuel for vehicles and trucks.

The Waste Transformers containerized equipment fits a fully operation anaerobic plant into the size of a container, so that it can be located on-site right near waste producers. Waste disposal is then at zero-km, with no need for heavy trucks collection and transportation. Moreover, the plant generates enough energy for its functioning and supply power in excess to the surrounding community or to the grid.

PMF sees anaerobic digestion compact technology as an excellent solution chiefly for commercial malls, food courts, catering industry, vegetable markets, hospitals, universities, airports, household developments and anywhere organic or kitchen waste is daily produced in large quantities. Furthermore, communities in mountaineering areas or far from the cities, where is difficult to ensure a proper daily waste removal service, may greatly benefit from having their waste disposed on-site and, moreover, enjoying fuel and power production.

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