Project Engineering

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PMF assists its Clients throughout all stages of their projects’ lifecycle, providing the following Engineering and Project Management services:

Design an Construction Site Engineering

  • Technical, Economical and Legal Feasibility Studies.
  • Autocad/BIM fully assisted all-stage Architectural and Structural Design (Concept, Preliminary, Detailed).
  • MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Design.
  • Cost Analysis and Project Budgeting.
  • Project and Process Management.
  • Value Analysis, Management and Constructability.
  • Tender documentation and Procurement process follow-up.

Renewable Energy Sources

PMF designs solar-powered systems in both urban and rural areas, on car parks, schools, and public offices, with the use of high-performance PV panels, either single or double sided, with a flexible or rigid structure.

Health and Safety

PMF is entitled to carry out the following safety requirements or qualified to take on the following roles:

  • Drawing-up HSE coordination plans during design and execution phases (PSC, PSE).
  • Safety coordinator during contract design and execution phase (CSP, CSE).
  • Head of Company HSE (RSPP).
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Manager pursuant to international legislation (NEBOSH, OHSAS).

Performance Analysis During Operation Phase (Key Performance Indicators – KPI)

PMF designs Performance Control Systems for service and concession contracts, by defining a set of KPIs to be checked for compliance during operations.
The setting of KPIs means the following:

  • Identifying technical specifications for each contractually provided service to be measured.
  • Drawing-up KPI lists (Key Performance Indicators) service performance measurement parameters with instructions on how to measure them.
  • Penalty calculations in case of failure to reach minimum required standards.
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) to be included in third-party assignment documents.

PMF has designed Performance Control Systems for a wide range of public contracts, namely for projects in healthcare, custodial services, information technology, and sporting facilities.


Alberto Germani

Head of Engineering

Luigi Martino

Engineering Consultant

Project Engineering Projects:

Saudi Arabia
50 MW Photovoltaic Plant (Saudi Arabia)

  • Value: EUR 65.000.000
  • Year: 2013 - 2014
  • Owner: Rama Group (Saudi Arabia)

Full Feasibility Study (technical, legal, financial) of a 50MW Photovoltaic Plant to be delivered under BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) scheme.

Palombara Sabina (Rome) - Italy
70kW School Complex Photovoltaic Plant (Italy)

  • Value: EUR 300.000
  • Year: 2018 - to date
  • Owner: Comune di Palombara Sabina (RM)

Design and construction site engineering of a 70kW photovoltaic plant installed in a school complex.

Scuola Palombara Sabina - School in Palombara Sabina
Scuola Palombara Sabina - School in Palombara Sabina
Progetto - Project
Dettaglio pannello - Panel detail

Bolzano - Italy
Correctional Facility PPP Performance Measurement System (Italy)

  • Value: EUR 60.000.000 (CAPEX)
  • Year: 2019
  • Owner: Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

Bolzano’s Provincial Correctional Facility design and implementation of concession contract’s Performance Measurement System.
Capable of hosting 220 inmates in a new-concept environment, Province of Bolzano facility is the first PPP in the field of custodial services to be awarded in Italy.

PMF main tasks consist of technical specifications drafting of services to be carried out by Concessionaire, defining acceptance threshold for each of them and setting up level of related penalties in case of non-compliance.
120 different activities of various service categories, such as building management, catering, laundry, IT management, recreational activities and others  have been analysed and level of performance set out, resulting in a series of parameters (Key Performance Indicators, KPIs) contractually agreed by all Parties, in full compliance with risk transfer principles and European off-balance PPP accounting rules.
Concession contract value: 150 million EUR.

Planimetria Casa Circondariale - Plan of the District HouseCorrectional Facility
Rendering Complesso - Rendering of the Complex
Rendering Ingresso - Entrance rendering
Rendering Complesso - Rendering of the Complex

Bolzano - Italy
IT Integrated Service and Customer Care PPP Performance Measurement System (Italy)

  • Value: EUR 130.000.000
  • Year: 2020 - in corso
  • Owner: Südtiroler Informatik AG - Informatica Alto Adige SpA

Performance Measuring System design and implementation during operational phase of the following IT PPPs:

PPP Service Center Plus: set-up and management of an innovative and integrated communication platform, providing optimized IT services and assistance to Province of Bolzano’s public institutions.
Concession duration: 16 years.
Total contract amount: EUR 70 mil.

PPP Smart Working: supply to the Province of Bolzano’s public bodies of hardware and software services enabling users to access smart- and remote-working.
Concession duration: 13 years.
Total contract amount: EUR 60 mil.

PMF assignment activities:

  • Concessionaire assigned contract services analysis and design.
  • Writing of technical specifications and criteria for services measurement.
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) identification and performance threshold set-up.
  • Service non-compliance penalties amount quantification.
Service Center Plus
Cartello Smart Working - Smart Working Poster