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PMF designs KPIs for Merano Healthcare Center PPP

On December 30, 2020, the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (South Tirol/Alto Adige, Italy) approved the proposal of the company VEBA Invest of Bolzano, initiative’s sponsor, for construction and management in Public – Private Partnership (PPP) of Long-Term Care Center called “Cura Resort”, healthcare facility annexed to Merano Hospital. The new health infrastructure will make available 100 beds in long-term care and rehabilitation, as well as a large underground parking of 700 lots for the benefit of both the structure and the Hospital. Investment value (CAPEX) is foreseen around EUR 50 million, whereas concession’s duration will be 28 years.

PMF was commissioned by VEBA Invest to design Cura Resort’s Performance Control System during construction and operation, as well as to draw up a complete set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

KPIs system defines the minimum quality standards according to which contractual services of a PPP should be provided, in compliance to rules set out by Eurostat and EPEC aimed to ensure a satisfactory transfer of risk to concessionaires even in public availability-based operations. Even in case of concessions’ repayment fully assured by Public Entity’s regular payments, concessionaire’s performance should be accurately assessed and penalties in case of operator’s underperformance should be levied. Since the publication of Eurostat’s 2016 guidelines, the presence of KPIs as part of concession’s contractual documentation has been a fundamental and indispensable requirement in any PPP operation.

With this transaction, PMF strengthens its position as VEBA Invest preferred advisor for performance control systems and KPIs in their PPP initiatives.

To date, PPP projects prepared by VEBA Invest with PMF support exceed 100 million Euros of capital investments.

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PMF supports AMKA Onlus

On the occasion of year 2020 Season Festivities, PMF has chosen to support AMKA Onlus humanitarian initiatives, transforming this extraordinary occasion in an act of solidarity, making a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the world.

We are committed to telling a story of brotherhood that grows in Guatemala and the Democratic Republic of Congo by transforming our vision into concrete project activities aimed at supporting local communities in those Countries.

PMF wholeheartedly supports all the actions that AMKA is putting in place to sustain communities of Petén, Guatemala, and Mabaya, Congo, hard hit by the direct and indirect effects from Covid-19 pandemic.

PMF company policy is based upon Corporate Social Responsibility, able to reconcile economic objectives with social and environmental goals, in a view of global sustainable and affordable growth.